julia llerena


Wandering stars

2016. Installation. Variable size

“I guess there's two kinds in the world, Ben. People who move, people who stay.
Ain't that true?
No, that ain't true.
Well, what's true? Oh, there's two kinds of people - them going somewhere and them going nowhere, and that's what's true.
I don't agree, Ben.
That's cos you don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I'm an ex-citizen of nowhere, and sometimes I get mighty homesick.”

Paint your wagon (film), 1969.

A disco ball painted black except for a little piece of glass, it slowly turns while it sounds "Wandering stars" from "Paint your wagon"

Wandering stars, 2016. La Materia errante, curated by Bernardo Sopelana. Alimentación 30.

_Nosotros. La Materia errante