julia llerena

Fig 1 Objetos encontrados sobre baldas de madera. 80x250x5cm

Fig 3 detalle

Fig 4 objetos encontrados sobre cristal. 42x60cm

For a long time, I have regularly carried out walking tours in which I appropriate small elements that appear on my way, insignificant and without material value for anyone else. I rescue objects that have been stripped of their usefulness to give them a new meaning.
In Architectural Thought by Jacques Derrida, I found a phrase that gave me the key to group these objects. This text refers to the deconstruction of language, so I decided to give these fragments the value of letters, causing a changing and irregular spelling that makes these pieces speak of nothing.
I place fine and narrow wooden shelves on the wall on which I support these found fonts and with them I reproduce Derrida's phrase that gives rise to this piece:
"Deconstruction is not only - as its name would seem to indicate - the technique of a "disrupted construction", since it is capable of conceiving, by itself, the idea of ​​construction. It could be said that there is nothing more architectural and at the same time nothing less architectural than deconstruction. At this point we can return to what links deconstruction to writing. Its spatiality, the thought of the path, of that opening of a path that inscribes its traces without knowing where it will lead”. (*)
Each piece is equivalent to a letter, and intuitively, I establish morphological relationships between the object and the letter without falling into the literality of the appearance. The exercise of subjective and relative transcription of this text establishes new relations not only between the objects, but also on the symbolic value that we have assigned to them: being letters.

The conversion of these objects into signs gives the text an evident conceptual difference with respect to the formats where we usually look for and find them, as in a book for example.
It is a continuous reinterpretation, the pieces of the text are interchangeable and complete my action, that search within the landscape in which I find signs and symbols with which I usually try to communicate.

(*)Architectural thought by Jacques Derrida
Eva Meyer interview for Domus 671, April 1986.